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It's All About to Change, so you're gonna be a Dad


It's All About to Change, so you're gonna be a Dad

Andy Fawcett

Well this is a new channel for my blog and I have to say it's one of the most terrifyingly daunting prospects I have faced, not writing this blog but what comes at the end of it........a little pink thing that depends on me.

That's right a baby. 

I'm gonna be a dad. 

Thats terryfying. 



So someone has news, fantastic news

So a few weeks a go the missus came home and dropped the bombshell, "so I have some news, I'm pregnant!" holy shit that's not news , news is Brexit, news is a glamour model with her weapons on display (actually that's not news, but it is in the papers), news is Roy Hodgson caught in scandalous love triangle with dean garney and Janice street porter. That's news, no what you have told me love of my life is earth shattering, life changing, a soul rattling joyous bombshell.

So what's a prospective dad to do  


Cry with joy,

Laugh historically,

Learn as much as you can for this is one deadline that you need to be ready for. 

Well that's what I have decided to do, learn everything I can. But use design untapped to expand my latest channel, channel baby. 

A Baby Blog for future Dads

So welcome to it. 

There is a whole new world of design out there that I can now legitimately take an interest in.

This blog is gonna add a more personal take on my experience and offer an insight into the products, experiences, learning and little titbits along the way.

love n stuff

Andy @ DesignUntapped