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5 Blogs to Help you Write a Killer About Me Page


This is my first swaray into the mysteries of the World Wide Web. I'm not pretending to be an expert, i don't know jargon, i don't have a marketing degree and i'm not a web developer. I have a passion for design and a full time job.  I'm learning as i go and developing my business and website. I'm going to share honest stories and developments here and provide some useful free content along the way.

5 Blogs to Help you Write a Killer About Me Page

Andy Fawcett

Who am I? What's my purpose? What are my goals?

You won't know, because up until now i never had an about me page. The basic blogging recommendations state you need one, don't believe me? Then here are 5 blogs that will be back me up and not only helped me develop my page but hopefully will help you too.

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5 Recommended Blogs for Writing a Great About Me Page

1. Melysa Griffin at the Nectar Collective has such a great way of phrasing her recommendations in How to Write a Killer About Me Page for Your Blog (Free Worksheets!) . This post is not only informative but is a really entertaining read, she also offers some free downloadable worksheets to help you along the way (psssst be sure to signup as there is lots of other useful goodies too.


2. In Sonia Simones page Are You Making These 7 Mistakes with Your About Page? at copyblogger adopts a different tactic but of equal usefulness highlighting the many errors that people can make on your about page.


3. Are you struggling for inspiration? Then fear not, Ramsay, aka the BlogTyrant writes 12 of the Best About Us Pages on the Internet This offers a little more example of company about us pages as well as individual about me pages.  It's good to see how other peoples about pages and see what they have included. Ultimately blogging is about the individual so think about what you want to include in your about page.


4. Jessica Knapp of BloggingBasics101 (who i often reference cos i think they are the bomb, is that still a phrase we can use? I'm kind of hipsterish, so if not, then i'm bringing it back) writes simply How do I write an About Me page? as ever she hit't the nail right on the head with this one.


5. Last but no-means least is Rachel MacDonald at In Spaces Between writes the aptly titled How to Write Your About Me PageShe has a very unique and spiritual way of writing, and her imagery is great. This is a great example of someones personality coming through on the page.


Drumroll please, du du du dud du du (it's really hard to right a drum roll convincingly). 

My Brand New About Me Page


In addition I have made a smaller aboutme block to add to the top of my blog page.

Please let me know what you think about my aboutme page? Can you recommend any improvements?

Love n stuff,

Andy @ DesignUntapped