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5 New Superstar Bloggers and Why you Need to Read Them


This is my first swaray into the mysteries of the World Wide Web. I'm not pretending to be an expert, i don't know jargon, i don't have a marketing degree and i'm not a web developer. I have a passion for design and a full time job.  I'm learning as i go and developing my business and website. I'm going to share honest stories and developments here and provide some useful free content along the way.

5 New Superstar Bloggers and Why you Need to Read Them

Andy Fawcett

Talent = Nothing

Talent + Commitment = Something

Talent + Commitment + Hard Work = Progress

Talent + Commitment + Hard Work + Exposure = Nearly There

Talent + Commitment + Hard Work + Exposure + Luck = Possible Success

Over the past week i have been participating in Jeff Goins How to Blog Like a Pro 7 Day Challenge along with circa 3,000 other writers, bloggers, artists, procrastinators, scallywags and entrepreneurs.  

Along with the skills that i learned and the confidence this challenge has given me i have learned that there are some fantastic new bloggers out there, writing quality content in the most original ways possible.

I want these talented creatives to build, grow and develop and I want to be able to read what they do in the future and see where their blogging career takes them.

Hey boy, hey girl, superstar Bloggers.......Here we go.

The Beautiful Between - Living Fully in the now & not yet

Sarah from the Beautiful Between writes about her faith and finding a purpose in the in-between purposes.  Her page is clear crisp and her writing is top notch.  I wish I shared her philosophies but as an atheist it's not really something I align with.  What I do align to is her commitment, her clarity in what she writes and her honesty, which really comes through in her writing.

I think Beautiful Between is proof that a good writer can really make any topic interesting.

I also really think her imagery is top notch.  It makes me calm just looking at it and really adds to her message.  It brings her blog together in an holistic manner that really works to build her brand.

The Faith Niche is a very busy area so Sarah will have to really promote her blog well to not get lost under the big guys. Good luck Sarah.

Annie Singer - Young Adult, Young Adulting

From Ying to Yang, Annie Singer of writes with a refreshing tone that walks the line between informative and fuckyouative.  That's a compliment by the way.

She has found her blogging voice and it is punchy, direct and interesting.

She blogs about SEO, social media, marketing, influencer outreach and blogging.  But this isn't a side hustle, she is the real deal.

Another very competitive niche, but i think has an angle that could really resonate with people and approach that makes her different.  I think in a couple of years we'll all be waxing lyrical about her.  As she is also a Muay Thai Fighter I also see in her future "The 7 day Blog and Arse kicking challenge, a combination of fitness, fighting and blogging to supercharge your blog".

Annie if you read this i'll take my 10% idea fee on that one. 

To Be the Man - A blog for Men

Chuck Chapman is the man behind to To Be the Man, A blog for Men, Chuck is a man writing for men about men, man.

Is that a record for men/man mentions in a sentence? who has the number for Guinness World Records.

His blog has a clear direction, he has obviously worked on the format and targeting a very specific market.   The blogging advice market for men.

Publishing  life tips, sex advice, leadership issues.  What i do see for To be the Man is a number of link ups and opportunity for affiliate marketing such as Dollar Shave Club, Fitness Magazines, Male fashion influencers, gadgets.  

Provided Chuck can get the exposure, he will definitely become a success.

This is a page i would love to get a guest post on, watch this space.

Matt Moss -

Moss the Writer has a consistent tone of writing. It's informative, not preachy, not braggy yet confident and authoritative in nature.  It's the blogging equivalent of a good warm hug.  

You know those good hugs that feel just right.

Moss the Writers blog use white space to not distract from the words, he lets the writing tell the story.

He is also a fan of Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher who practiced existentialism, and reflection on ones selves attitudes and actions. This shows through in his blog, Moss seems to have a good handle on self reflection and consistently challenges his own writing.

Nicole Bianchi - Productivity Tips and Creative Inspiration

Nicole Bianchi's blog looks almost the finished article. It was established in 2016 so is new by all accounts. The theme is consistent and her writing prose has a lovely developed feel to it. 

Nicole knows her target audience and that is something many bloggers will struggle to identify for years. 

One of the challenges of the 7 day blog challenge was write a manifesto, Nicoles manifesto was one of the very first i read, it was so good, she set the bar incredibly high.

Her blogging/writing research page is a great resource for help, images, plug-ins, guides. Thanks for this Nicole.

Why Do I Need to Follow These Guys


It's easy to follow the big guys, the Jeff Goins, the Probloggers.  

Starting on my Blog journey i am the same position as the 5 blogs i mention here.  The Catch 22 of needing a following but not having enough followers to build a following.  

I genuinely believe we can get there starting with a small devoted following, working on our craft, building quality and sharing others.

In this age of algorithms and rules to prevent self promotion and to force advertising dollars into the coffers of the big social media outlets, we all need a helping hand.

If you agree share this page on Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter, or just share it on your blogs.  Lets try and get support the little guys, they'll soon be the medium guys and eventually the big guys they'll remember their grass roots fans.

Love N Stuff,

Andy @ DesignUntapped.