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DesignUntapped is Lifestyle Blog and shop all about creativity, colour, fun, fashion, design and pop-culture.

We stock Teeshirts, clocks, totes, prints and all things creative. Life is all about having fun!!! Enjoy!

Why This Blog will Fail and Your Blog will Too, Unless you Do This...


This is my first swaray into the mysteries of the World Wide Web. I'm not pretending to be an expert, i don't know jargon, i don't have a marketing degree and i'm not a web developer. I have a passion for design and a full time job.  I'm learning as i go and developing my business and website. I'm going to share honest stories and developments here and provide some useful free content along the way.

Why This Blog will Fail and Your Blog will Too, Unless you Do This...

Andy Fawcett

This blog is destined for failure.

I've accepted it.

There is no saving it, there is no slowing it, it's doomed.... and so is yours!!!

And why is that the case.

I'm not innovating quickly enough and neither are you.  The main influencers of your niche, the guys n gals with 100,000 and more views a week got there by hardwork, talent, dedication and by doing something differently.  

I want to challenge you to innovate your blog, website or product. Be different, be interesting and try something different. What's the worst that could happen.  Sign Up to my Mailing List to receive my latest innovation.  


Why you Need to Innovate

It's easy to copy, especially in blogging.  Has there ever been such a medium before that shares so many of their independent strategies and lessons learned.  Go on, go visit one of your favourite big bloggers, i guarantee they have a post along the lines of "How i got to 11340 followers and how you can too" or "10 Easy Actions to Improve your Blog Traffic".  Follow them to the letter and you too will get 100,000 followers.


You won't, you will definitely learn some lessons, improve your traffic but you won't reach their stats.  What you will be left with is an empty feeling inside.  That emptiness can only be fulfilled by creating something of your own, nurturing it, developing it and launching it.  

Where would we be if we didn't innovate.  No fire, no wheels, no internet, no IPhone, god forbid.

How do I Innovate?

To innovate you have to try.  Try something new, learn from it and try again.

So i lead you to my first point. To innovate you will have to fail.  This blog will fail and it will fail a million times, but that won't stop me trying.  In my about me page and in my Manifesto i allude to learning and evolve as a brand, this is my commitment to innovation.  Many of you may have read my previous posts and if not, i'll let you into my little secret, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm learning and sharing as I go along.  But here is the rub, no-one is an expert, experts don't exist, there are just people who either know more than you or know how to do it smarter than you.

In 2008 Google published an article called the 8 Pillars of Innovation, I'm not going to regurgitate it, its a great read and i recommend you dig into it yourself.  They conclude that in order to fail, you need to take risks.  So go for it, take a risk and develop something new.

You already write a blog. You create.  You put yourself out there.  You are fearless already.  Remember that blog post you did that you thought was killer yet it bombed. It was not received well, you got negative feedback, you wanted to pack it all in.  Well what did you do?

You opened your laptop and went again.  You researched, you wrote and you published some of your best work.   Well thats how you can develop your innovation, dare to fail and try something different.

Today's Innovator is the Influencer of Tomorrow

When you do produce you innovative idea or product you will know it.  You can become the leader of your field, you can become the influencer of tomorrow.  You can become successful, well until your next failure that is.

Well good luck to all of us in this venture.  Good luck in your attempts, just keep trying. 

My latest attempt at innovation is The DesignUntapped Digital Dispatch , coming out this month, sign up to my mailing list to give it ago.


Love N Stuff,

Andy @ DesignUntapped