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How to Make an Original and Durable Cat Scratching Post Using Recycled Tree Branch


How to Make an Original and Durable Cat Scratching Post Using Recycled Tree Branch

Andy Fawcett

Get off!!!!

Get off it!!!!

You Little b@stard, you've wrecked the sofa!!!

Sound familiar, you gave that kitten a home and he repays you by scratching all your possessions.

Well thats your fault. I'm gonna show you a little cat scratching post project I completed to try and save my furniture from those active kitties.


Inspiration for the Cat Scratching Post

My partner and I have put a lot of effort into attaining the look we want for our living area and the scratchy posts available in the shops, although functional, are completely devoid of any style or individuality.

The very boxy, mass produced mdf scracthing posts are easy to assemnble and some are designed well for usability. The cats can stretch out and they have enough mass to be sturdy and often have a high perch for your kittie to dream the day away.

I wanted to combine this functionality with a recycled product, while achieving something a little more natural. What would cats use in the wild, well it would be a tree wouldn't it.

Then one day cycling home i noticed the council were cutting some long branches of the local trees.  That was enough to get my creative juices flowing. I got home, changed into my ninja outfit and under the cover of darkness went back and liberated one of the branches. (not really). I actually asked the guys cutting them down if there was anything wrong with the trees, there wasn't, it was just a safety measure and they didn't mind me taking one of the branches for a project.

Ingredients for a Cat Scratching Post

Make a Natural Looking Cat Scratching post - What you will Need

What you'll need:

  • The branch, or some sturdy dowel, just make sure its long enough for cats to stretch out, my cats like to climb so I wanted an extra long section;
  • Some Sesal Rope, don't underestimate how much you'll need, about 40m worth ended up going into this;
  • MDF for the base. I used a .5inch thick section to give some extra weight, I also used the offcut to make a seating area;
  • Some door matts for the base, try to get something that is inkeeping with your home but also a texture that the cats may like;
  • Drill and Saw;
  • Square edge;
  • Stapler;
  • Glue;
  • Screws and screw driver.

Here is the final post. I love it but more importantly the cats do, and they use it constantly. Sure I had to bribe them at first with some treats but they took to it so quickly.

The rope has come loose once but i reattached it with a staple.


I'm not one of them cat crazies (yet) but if you wanna read more about my cats head over to the Cat Page. Or head over to my post if you want some tips about looking after your cats in a heat wave.

Hope you like it

Love n Stuff