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DesignUntapped is Lifestyle Blog and shop all about creativity, colour, fun, fashion, design and pop-culture.

We stock Teeshirts, clocks, totes, prints and all things creative. Life is all about having fun!!! Enjoy!


Hi, this is my happy place. I plan to share with you projects, ramblings, photos and stories. No theme just for fun. I hope you enjoy my blog.

My bestest worstest invention

Andy Fawcett

Hi, I've been on holiday this week so haven't had time to write a full blog so thought I'd tell you about my greatest design invention. 

A few years ago I figured out that one of the greatest first world problems Aaround is the inability to fashion spaghetti into the correct proportions. Oh the embarrassment of making a dinner and having too little or too much spaghetti. You fool!!!!! Every time!!!! Lightbulb moment, why isn't there a product which measures out the correct diameter of dried spaghetti, I was in a shear state of excitement, this could make me millions. I told my closest friends of my amazing idea "you mean a spragetti measurer, you knobhead, they've existed for ever".........bollocks.


I still say this is my greatest invention, it's not my fault I was really late to game.