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6 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool During a Heat Wave


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6 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool During a Heat Wave

Andy Fawcett


Today its hot hot hot.  Perth, Western Australia is suffering from a heatwave, which means for most of us whom work in an office its time to crank up (or down, i never know which is the correct description) the air-conditioning.  However what about our furry friends who don't have the opposable thumbs to work the air-con.  Here at designuntapped i am going to describe 6 simple ways to keep your pets cool on a hot day.

This is Freddy and Betty, we adopted them from a rescue centre, PetHaven, and are enjoying getting to know them. However on a week like this week, i'm concerned that during the day they will overheat.

1. Add ice cubes (or an Ice Pack) to their water.

One of the simplest ways to cool your pets down is by leaving them plenty of water to drink. This is especially important during a heat wave.  I bought a couple of the over-sized ice-cube trays, you know the ones that make ice-cubes that are about 5cm x 5cm x 5cm in size. Drop some of these in your pets water as you leave in the morning and it should provide at least half an hour to an hour of cool water.  You can also use ice packs if you don't have ice cubes.

Alternatively, half fill a large tupperware container with water and freeze it. Remove it from the freezer in the morning and top up with water. Leave this in a shaded area and this should remain cool for a good couple of hours.

3. Freeze Water in a Milk Jug and Place Under Their Favourite Towel in their Basket

You know those large milk bottles, when you finish your milk save the jugs, i normally save a few of these to fill up the Esky (or cooler). Fill them with water (not all the way to the top) and freeze them. In the morning remove them from the freezer and place them in your pets favourite basket and cover with their towel or blanket. Hey Ho, you have a ready made cold seat.

4. Leave the Air-Conditioning or a Fan On

Bite the bullet and leave on the air-con or a house fan during the day. It may cost you the extra $$$$ but isn't it worth it for piece of mind and for your pets well-being. If your aircon can be programmed you can set it to go on for a few hours during the peak time of day.

I also have an idea for hacking a fan with a motion sensor. Unfortunately i don't have the skills to do that and wouldn't advise modifying electronics unless you know exactly what you are doing.

5. Keep them inside with shades drawn.

Exposure to the elements can be very dangerous, especially if you have a yard that is a bit of a suntrap. Should your pet become disorientated in the heat they may end up getting lost and dehydrated. During especially warm times, keep your pet indoors with the shades drawn. This should help keep the indoors cool.

6. Leave Internal doors open

Leave your internal doors open during the day; as the sun moves different parts of the house will become hotter. Keeping your doors open will allow your furry friend to move around and find a cooler place to chill-out (literally).  Freddy and Betty often find a tiled patch of floor either in the kitchen, utility cupboard or bathroom to sit on.

Thanks for reading, please follow us on Pinterest to see more of these types of posts, as well as  links to useful pet advice. If you find this useful please share with your friends and colleagues. Most of all, please look after your pets during this heatwave,

Love n Stuff

Andy @ DesignUntapped