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Game of Thrones is back.....this alternative reality


Hi, this is my happy place. I plan to share with you projects, ramblings, photos and stories. No theme just for fun. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Game of Thrones is back.....this alternative reality

Andy Fawcett

We all love Game of Thrones.

Why wouldn't you, sex, murder, excitement, deceit and betrayal. You can't guess what can happen even if you have read the books.  It could be the most popular fantasy fiction series of all time. 

But what if Game of Thrones wasn't fiction, and it was today and in this world not in Westeros.

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Could Tinder mean more Sex for the Game of Throne Guys n Gals

Game of Thrones Queen Margeary Tinder Profile Sketch

I don't thin promiscuity is a problem in westoros.  Tinder would be a smorgasbord board of lovin choices for the hot n heavy characters.  Who would dare swipe left on Queem Margaery. 

Social Media and the Self Image


Game of Thrones Reek Instagram Profile Sketch.jpg

Even the smelliest and nastiest of characters could have an online presence and celeb followers. That's right Reek you work that body boy. 

There is More Evil in The World Today

Rupert Murdoch Evil in Game of Thrones Lannister Buy Out.jpg

There's evil a foot in the real world. People with such immense wealth and far reaching power, who knows what they could achieve. 


Image is Everything, and the web is a nasty place

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Walk of Shame DailyMail Mickup Sketch.jpg

Cersei walk of shame would break the Internet.  Forget the Fappenning of 2015. The web would have a field day on Cersei.  Reddit comments would be in the millions.

Text Messages May Ruin the Suspense

Game of Thrones Texts Mockup - Can you Hear me Jon Snow

We are all slaves to the mobile phone. The game of thrones characters would be no different. Especially with the boredom of being up on that remote wall.

Speaking of the wall, i dare say Presidential Candidate Trump would be looking for those wall blueprints for his mexico border. I don't think the ice wall would work though Donald.

Khaleesi Wouldn't take any Prisoners, ISIS wouldn't stand a chance

Game of Thrones - Khaleesi Mother of Dragons Takes on Isis.jpg

She's the Queen with the Dragons, used to fighting in hot climates. Doesn't stand for acts of inhumanity or terror. See ya later ISIS, Khaleesi would be coming for you and her dragons would be full on the barbecued terrorist.

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