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Sitting here waiting to start my tattoo

Andy Fawcett

Yo, how ya doin? I'm fine thanks for asking. I'ts currently 9.45am and I'm sat in lost city tattoo in spearwood waiting to get my latest tattoo finished (soz mum).  Today is a day off of real life, holiday in at work and a day dedicated to me. If you have any tats you'll understand that. 

i did get up and try to go for a nice breaky to prepare, however it was closed, so I ended up getting a dirty maccers mcmuffin meal. I haven't been in macdonalds for ages, when the hell did it turn into Argos, the theatre of the poor.  If you weren't guilty enough for ordering barely real food, you now have to sit next to a collection of sorry souls and wait for them to call out your number!  Anyway at least I got something in my belly.

Now I've had my pregame dump (also thanks to maccas for that) and am sitting in the waiting room waiting for the Leisure Bandit, (Insta Here) this guys work is insane mix of comedy, colour, class line work and just fun tattoos. As I sit here the adrenaline is starting to pump and the excitement is raising.

I'm gonna write this blog and then post as we go, so I have no idea how it will turn out, will probably need some re-edits and jazzing up with pics. 

Firsty you may have read my previous blogs about my first tattoo, the pic n mix apocalypse. If not swing by there and have a read. This time I went for a different approach, I searched for hours, mostly Instagram to find an artist who had the qualities I wanted: Fun, colour, originality, comedy, pop culture referencing. Once I found Brodie aka The leisure bandit, which actually came from a recommendation from a barber (after seeing my first tattoo he thought I'd dig his style) I  also went to a tattoo convention to meet him and watch him work. As mentioned in my previous post, do your homework and make sure the artist is right for you.  Unlike with Low, where I us done much of the design myself, this time I decided to let The Leisure Bandit work from a detailed brief. I initially contacted him to see if he would be interested and if he was into the idea. As for the idea, below is the actually first bit of correspondence I sent him. Instantly he was in to it. 

So over the few weeks to follow I pieced together some reference material, went in for a consultation, discussed sizing colour, feel, position, and timing.  The only price thing was to ask what his rate was and a rough estimate of how long he thought it would take. Do not haggle for a tattoo, it's ridiculous, it's art.  Work out what you want and who you want to do it and be prepared to pay for it.




Anyway here is the original sketch he came back with, it's insane. Perfect level of detail and fun that I was after. I love it.


So I had an initial 6 hour ish stint to do the line work.  The top of calf killed, you know the place behind you knee cap, no idea what it's called so I am gonna say knee pit.



So I'm gonna pause this here and then do a part two as I'm just gonna go into get the next bit done. 

love n stuff

drewski @ designuntapped