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The tattoo - live feed


The tattoo - live feed

Andy Fawcett

 The fear

The fear

10.15 It has begun, luckily for a calf tattoo, Brodie's chair has a head hole for comfort. 

11.02 I'm in the sweet spot at the moment, muscle is relaxe and ink is working well. It's a bizarre feeling at this stage where it is almost relaxing. In fact I have had a little nap.   past experience tells me that this moment will not last.

 It's a stinger

It's a stinger

11.04 it's a terrifying level of trust required to trust someone to get it right. As I look at the floor, and feel the ink and artwork going into the back of my leg I am scared that "what if it's wrong? What if it's shit? What if I don't like it? All natural thoughts and worries. Just relax. 

11.24 I love tattoo artist conversations, natural flowing convo starts somehow about Lemmy and naturally finds its way to discussing high jackmans wife.  Tattoo update, some areas starting to sting a bit as a result of shading of Bill Murrays skin.  I'm now at the awkward stage of needing a piss but not wanting to stop. Gonna hold out as long as I can.




 a sneak peek

a sneak peek

11.50 artist called away by colleague to consult on another tat, time to take a sneaky look.  Looks ace. Although I thought it had felt like more progress than that. At this stage I'd be surprised if we get it all done in this session. Also a little scared that the most painful bits are still to come.

11.53 Getting peckish. Wish I had brought some sweets. 

11.55 it's 39 degrees outside, not looking forward to being wrapped in cling film at all.  Fuck he has started on a saw bit. 

12.30 venkman done.  Lunch time break.  39 degrees, ouch that's hot.  Sweets and biscuits for the afternoon me thinks. 

1.34 we have got going again but my skin is like sponge and I'm sweating my tits off.  Getting a little bit sore with a lot of tattooing to go.



3.16 still going, but really feeling it now. Gonna be a slog to the finish. It's weird how my nerves are a bit confused as sometimes I think Brodie has been working on one area but when I look it has actually been somewhere else. 

 3.37 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkk

4.00 Called it a day, made some great progress but didn't quite get it finished, so guess what if you want to see the finished tat, you'll have to check back into the blog in a few weeks. There is also gonna be a new line of tees coming soon and will launch to coincide with my tat.

Also Brodie aka the Leisure Bandit is currently offering a free 80s tattoo and all you have to do is share his instagram pic,

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